Free Online Minister Ordination

Minister Ordination Certificate (Image)First National Church and Ministry offers free, lifetime minister ordination, which permits you to perform marriage ceremonies and other basic rites throughout the United States.

Ordination is legal, valid and accepted throughout each state listed below, and complies with all state and local laws. If your state is not listed, First National Church and Ministry offers low-cost comprehensive ordination and licensing beginning at $10.95 for all other locations by clicking here.

To request free ordination, please provide us with the following basic information:

Please enter your true, legal name. If you are performing marriage ceremonies, your name here must match the name you will sign on the marriage license.
If you are performing a marriage ceremony, please select the location where the ceremony will take place.
Your state isn't listed? Some states do not accept or recognize basic online ordination. If your state is not listed, please click here for low-cost certified ordination that complies with your state's laws.


PLEASE NOTE: Some locations, including Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Tennessee do not accept basic ordination. If you are performing a marriage ceremony in one of these locations, you must request complete ordination that complies with state and local regulations.


We do not and will not sell, share or otherwise distribute your information to anyone.