Perfect First Dance Music For Your Wedding
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Choosing The Perfect Song For Your First Dance

We had gone through all the prep work — putting together lists, getting a variety of opinions, listening to dozens of songs — on the way to writing an article about the perfect song for the first dance.

We had checked off all the boxes:

It had to be memorable.

It had to be meaningful.

It had to be special.

As I said, we had it all ready to go.

…And then we read this article from our friends at You & Your Wedding, in which they not only list 100 amazing potential first dance songs, but then break it down into categories (“The Sway,” “High-Energy Swing,” “Something Latin,” etc.) and list some notable celebrity first-dance tunes.

The traditional first dance for the bride and groom can be a nerve wracking moment. The key though is to pick a track you both love. You’ll be more relaxed as you take to the floor, and every time you hear it in the years to come you will be reminded of your big day.

So, forget about our article — it ain’t going to happen — and instead check out RachelYYW’s outstanding guide to wedding first dance songs by clicking right here, right now.


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